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{Happy*} Merry Christmas 2016 Whatsapp Status,Images HD Wallpapers DP

Happy Christmas 2016 : - Merry Christmas 2016 Whatsapp Status, Christmas Images, HD Wallpapers, Quotes, Wishes Santa 3D images Pics free download. Christmas sms in telugu, hindi, Happy Christmas 2016 Images, HD Wallpapers and Pictures. 

{Happy*} Merry Christmas 2016 Whatsapp Status,Images HD Wallpapers DP

Happy Christmas 2016 is one of the major festivals celebrated by billions of christians and non-christians all over the world on 25th December.Happy Christmas 2016 also known as X-mas is celebrated mostly in western and European Countries.December 25th is the birth of Lord Jesus Christ,so many nations declare a holiday season so that people can celebrate this festival.Usually in christmas week people go to church and offer their prayers to jesus they keep a Christmas tree in their houses and decorate it with lights.This festival is mostly exciting for kids as they expect santa claus to send them gifts on christmas night.In olden days people used to send cards and letters to their loved ones who are resident at far places but these people are using Social networking sites like Facebook,Twitter and Mobile Messengers like Whatsapp.So i'm here with a huge collection of Happy Christmas 2016 Whatsapp Status Messages Wishes and Greetings for your friends family and Loved ones.

Happy Christmas 2016 Status Messages and Greetings

Without Wasting much of your Time lets go straight to the topic,below is a list of Happy Christmas 2016 Whatsapp Status Greetings Messages Wishes and Dp Images.

Happy Christmas 2016 Whatsapp Status Messages in English 

Here is huge collection of Merry Christmas Whatsapp DP Images.status.messages.wishes and Greetings.

........../______ ( '\ .\
.......(__________) (´¯`)
... ....( / ‘ ◕ - ◕ ’ \ )-'˜”˜'
.......{ ( ( ) (_) ( ) ) }
... ... ... ......'{ ; , .")=("-. , ; }
......'{░'- -`- - `- -'░}
...,` ' - .░░░░░ . - '.`,
. /..(........-☀-.......) ..\
.|..(.........-☀-.......) ..'|
{_.|████{ S}████|.._}
..\ _/|......../\.......| \_ /
.. ....|████|.|████|
. . . _|████|.|████|_
Merry Christmas
 Christmas is not necessary to live but you increases its value a thousand times.Merry Christmas!
Jingle bells
Jingle bells
what fun it is to
wish our friends
a very happy merry christmas.
I wish you peace, health, love, joy and much happiness. The star of Bethlehem enlighten you with all these gifts.Merry Christmas!
No Greeting Card To Give.. No Sweet Flowers To Send..
No Cute Graphics To Forward.. Just A LOVING HEART Saying
The magic of Christmas is the magic of people like you who make a year fly by ... Merry Christmas!
May this Christmas wish convert each blossom, star every pain, every tear into a smile, every heart in sweet abode.Merry Christmas!
Wish you happy holidays season with unforgettable Christmas and New Year.
Santa is always jolly, he knows where the naughty girls live.
To my friends and family, near and far, I love you all and hope you have a Merry Christmas..
Unless we make Christmas an occasion to share our blessings, all the snow in Alaska won’t make it WHITE.
Christmas is the season when you buy this year’s gifts with next year’s money.
“SANTA” rearranged is “SATAN”…I'm on to you fat man. 

Happy Christmas 2016 Poems 

Christmas comes with children singing,
Christmas comes with sleigh bells ringing,
Christmas comes with frosty nights,
Christmas comes with snowball fights.
Oh, Christmas, merry Christmas!
Thy call we must obey,
And carry fadeless garlands
In honor of the day.
The littlest Christmas tree,
lived in a meadow of green,
Among a family,
of tall evergreens,
He learned how to whisper,
the evergreen song,
with the slightest of wind,
that came gently along.
He watched as the birds,
made a home out of twigs,
and couldn't wait till,
he too was big.
For all of the trees,
offered a home,
the maple, the pine, and the oak,
who's so strong.
"I hate being little",
the little tree said,
"I can't even turn colors,
like the maple turns red",
"I can't help the animals,
like the mighty old oak",
"He shelters them all,
in his wide mighty cloak".
The older tree said,
"Why little tree you don't know?
The story of a mighty king,
from the land with no snow?"
Little tree questioned,
"A land with no snow?"
"Yes!" said old tree,
"A very old story,
from so long ago".
"A star appeared,
giving great light,
over a manger,
on long winters night.
A baby was born,
a king of all kings,
and with him comes love,
over all things."
"He lived in a country,
all covered in sand,
and laid down his life,
to save all of man.'
Little tree thought of the gift
given by him,
then the big tree said with the
happiest grin,
"We're not just trees,
but a reminder of that day,
there's a much bigger part,
of a role that we play!"
"For on Christmas eve,
my life I'll lay down,
in exchange for a happier,
loving ground.
And as I stand dying,
they'll adorn me in trim,
this all will be done,
in memory of him".
"Among a warm fire,
with family and friends,
in the sweet songs of Christmas,
I'll find my great end,
then ever so gently,
he'll come down to see,
and take me to heaven,
Jesus and me".
"So you see little tree,
we are not like the oak,
who shelters all things,
beneath his great cloak.
Nor are we like the maple
in fall,
who's colors leave many,
standing in awe".
"The gift that we give,
is ourselves, limb for limb,
the greatest of honor,
in memory of him".
The little tree bowed,
his head down and cried,
and thought of the king,
who willingly died.
For what kind of gift,
can anyone give?
Then to lay down your life,
when you wanted to live.
A swelling of pride
came over the tree,
Can all of this happen?
Because of just me?
Can I really bring honor?
By adorning a home?
By reminding mankind,
that he's never alone?
With this thought, little tree,
began singing with glee,
Happy and proud,
to be a true Christmas tree.
You can still hear them singing,
even the smallest in height,
singing of Christmas,
and that one holy night.
Under the tree the gifts enthrall,
But the nicest present of them all
Is filling our thoughts with those who care,
Wanting our Christmas joy to share.
To you, whom we're often thinking of,
We send our holiday joy and love.
Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house
Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse;
The stockings were hung by the chimney with care,…

Merry Christmas 2016 Quotes

It is on Dec 25th and is followed by another festival called happy "new year". The very essence of Christmas lies in the birthday celebration of Jesus Christ, the son of Almighty God and the Savior for Christians. Christmas is become the biggest festival in the world and millions of people celebrate it with carols, parties and decorations. This is also a time of sharing love and gifts. People send Christmas wishes, cards, images, wallpapers and quotes to friends and relatives. Our merry Christmas quotes will make this occasion marrier for sure. Top hand-picked collection of quotes for Christmas 2016 are given below.

Collection Of Latest Merry Christmas Quotes

Every year on this beautiful occasion, we enjoy with love, faith and togetherness. I thank God for blessing me with such a loving family. I wish you all a Merry Christmas.
May this Christmas bring about a pleasant change in your life. May my wishes bring a smile on your face. I wish you the best life this Christmas. Merry Christmas to you and your family. 
This Christmas as you count your blessings sent to you by the Almighty, don't forget to pray for those you aren't able to participate in this wonderful celebration. I wish you have a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year ahead. 
The journey of life is with many twists and turns. But with faith and courage, no obstacle can stop you from reaching your goals. Keep faith, peace and kindness in your heart, and you shall always shine. Merry Christmas. 

May all the sweet magic of Christmas conspire to cheer up your hearts and fill every desire.

It’s the month of Cakes & Candles, Snow & Songs, Carols & Joys, Laughter & Love, It’s December. Merry Christmas.

Christmas Eve was a night of song that wrapped itself about you like a shawl. But it warmed more than your body. It warmed your heart… filled it, too, with a melody that would last forever.

Christmas is the Blessed season which engages the whole world in a conspiracy of love!

 I will honor Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all the year. 
Our hearts grow tender with childhood memories and love of kindred, and we are better throughout the year for having, in spirit, become a child again at Christmas-time. 

At Christmas, all roads lead home. 
It is Christmas in the heart that puts Christmas in the air. 

Top 15 Best Merry Christmas Wishes For Your Friends And Family

This Part comprises of the Common wishes that people use to wish their friends and family members on Christmas and that you can also use on this Christmas 2016 .

Best Merry Christmas Wishes
Christmas eve brings friends and family together,it gives us chance to appreciate each other for which we are often granted,May the true meaning of the Christmas Eve fill your heart and home with joy and fun
 May this season of Christmas fill your life with fun and joy,Best wishes to you and your family during this Christmas holidays.
Best 15  Merry Christmas Wishes

 Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas wishes 2016 ,May be this incredible time of spending and giving to your family may bring you joy and fun that lasts throughout the year
Wishing you love,joy,peace and all the best the Christmas holiday has to offer you,this season of spending and giving touch your heart in a special way.
Take time in this holiday to enjoy the things in your life that really matters.Take out the cool moments spent with near and dear one's,may the charms of X-mas surround you throughout the year

So friends here the First Part of the christmas Wishes end with the whole new beginning of the more good Christmas eve Wishes ideas, quotes and Wallpapers.

Best 15 Merry Christmas Wishes For Your Friends And Family

During the Eve of faith,Your Friends and family may be the true meaning of Xmas,wishing you a happy Christmas and a blessed new year
As you enjoy the charms of this special season, may your heart filled with love and joy,May blessings of the holiday persist in your home and stay with you throughout the life.
The warmth and love surrounding this Xmas is a joy to be savored with friends and family. It is a time to give and share love with each other. Here's wishing you the best Xmas ever 
Top 15  Merry Christmas Wishes
Xmas time is a season of great fun and  joy. It is a time of remembering the past and hoping for the better future. May the glorious wishes of peace and love fill you with joy during this wonderful season.
This time Christmas brings festivity and family fun. It is a great time for remembering and looking forward. Wishing you wonderful memories during this Christmas 
So friends here the exciting 2nd Part of today's  Merry Christmas Eve Wallpaper Free Download also ended and now it's time to reveal all the Best Merry Christmas wishes and quotes of year 2014 . So get ready and grab them at the latest .

Latest 15 Merry Christmas Wishes For Your Friends And Family

So friends, if you just moved empty handed from the above wishes then no need to regret coming on our site as now below are the wishes that you will always be liking as these are the best ones which we could find of all over the net so Grab them now before you get one of these christmas wishes ! and Celebrate a happy Christmas and a blessed new year.
During this X-mas  you may enjoy the message of hope, love, and peace on earth. May all the blessings of the holiday are yours to keep. Here's wishing you a Merry Xmas.
This is the season of bright lights and colorful gifts. It is a time for sharing love with each other and being together. It is a time for wishing you and your family a merry Xmas .

Merry Christmas Wallpapers

We are just about a few days away from Christmas celebration. Before few days of New Year, people get crazy searching for the latest Merry Christmas wallpapers, images and pics. Now it’s time to bring beauty to your personalized desktop screens with these amazing Merry Christmas Wallpaper in cheerful colors and themes with attractive and pleasing design. After all Christmas wallpaper will get you into the celebration mood instantly. Therefore, we are going to share some of the best wallpaper for Merry Christmas, which you should use as your desktop image on your computer, mobiles and on tablets etc. You can also share these Merry Christmas HD Wallpapers on social media sites like Facebook to wish your friends and family there with just a click .

HD Christmas Wallpapers:

Here we have just collected different beautiful Merry Christmas HD Wallpapers 2016. Share Merry Christmas 2016 wallpapers directly with your Facebook friends, twitter followers, Whatsapp friends and all through email also. So, check out for the below Merry Christmas HD wallpapers for 2016.

Happy Christmas 2016 Whatsapp DP Images HD Wallpapers Free Download